Got Guilt?

It happens.  You break a glass on accident.  You use a ton more printer paper than you are supposed to. You took the last doughnut.  You really needed that full roll of toilet paper for your car; and now you have it.  Guilt. 

What to do? What to do? How can you get rid of that terrible feeling.  Never fear.  Here at the Dock HB we have come up with a way where you can simply and effectively find redemption and get rid of guilt forever.  Simply click on the button below and donate to The Dock HB and watch what happens to you!  Guilt gone!!

Or maybe you are so filled with love for The Dock HB and all the things we do for you that you want to give a little more.

Click the button.... Donate to The Dock HB!  Altruism itch scratched!

Isn't technology grand!



You have been absolved.

Don't you feel better?